Large panel receiving loading and unloading machine



Large panel receiving loading and unloading machine

The machine is a large material receiving machine, which can use the 50-100 inch panel to carry and receive materials. By using the lifting mechanism of the lead screw, the material receiving net box can be raised and lowered equidistance, and then the products can be included in the net box.

The mechanism includes:

  1. Heavy-duty moving mechanism driven by pinion and rack
  2. Large fixture positioning mechanism
  3. Synchronous upward and downward mechanism


  1. Place the 50-100 inch product on a moving surface with a large fork
  2. The mobile platform moves the product to the cutting station
  3. The blanking station device raises the big clamp to the working position
  4. The motor drives the roller to feed the product into the card box
  5. The blanking station moves one station equidistant (upward)

The whole product fixture is loaded into one big box fixture, and the crane lifts the whole fixture to other working positions to realize the whole work flow of receiving and sending materials.

When the work is reversed, the machine becomes a unloading device


polygons: 34380536

Vertice: 68740954

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Designed with SolidWorks 2017, render with Keyshot




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