Three-generation face mask machine



Three-generation face mask machine

Automatic production line of high-speed plane ear mask, including automatic raw material delivery, automatic transmission, nose bridge cutting, mask edge welding, folding ultrasonic fusion forming cutting, etc., to complete the entire production process from raw material to the finished mask.

This equipment is a production machine, including 2D drawing and 3D model, including electrical schematic diagram and program part, which is not a lot of production equipment reference. If you want to prevent one, you can use this quality as a good reference, saving you more than 90% of the time.


polygons: 77054691

Vertice: 153323378

Files format contains

-solidworks 2017




– and other formats


If you like,you can buy for you to get this models or if you have any questions also you can email to me.

Designed with SolidWorks 2017, render with Keyshot



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